3 Eating Disorders that are Secretly Causing Unnecessary Weight Gain

What you eat is what your health pays for. Eating disorders can be described as an illness characterized by irrational, inappropriate eating habit. It is something to be concerned with body weight, morbid obesity, and several mental distress. Eating disorder includes excessive or inadequate intakes that can change or damage our health for worse.

Here we will be sharing 3 major eating disorders that can gradually make you an obese.

Skipping Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is one of the major disorders. We often forget to take tiffins or simply skip it due to hurry. However, such a simple activity can cost our time and health later. Skipping breakfast rather means to have some other habits like eating outside or hitting the drive-through. For a person with normal BMI, it can have several other impacts including weight gain.

Skipping Breakfast

You might not have time for having breakfast in the morning, but it will make you habituated to an unhealthy lifestyle. Breaking your 8 hours long ‘Fast’ (during your sleeping) prevents your body to feel lethargic throughout the day. Hence, Don’t disturb the internal clock of your body; have a healthy breakfast and lifestyle.

Shopping Treats: Went to a mall for window shopping; saw a ‘chaat’ stall beside the footpath and jump onto having few bites? You might have thought to treat yourself and your friends but there, your health would suffer. Binge eating while shopping can add more calories to our system. Moreover, mostly the packaged foods cause high cholesterol and induce more fat in our abdomen. It mellows the metabolic rate down, resulting to which we tend to gain fat. Like, for those who have gone through a bariatric surgery, outside spicy and highly seasoned foods are banned. It’s your time, choose to retreat from binge eating to treat yourself with good health.

Shopping Treats

Eating Amnesia: Eating amnesia or unconscious overeating is rather a funny but true concept. At times, we consume food to quench hunger and at times we eat it just for a mood. The second case is an example of unconscious overeating. It becomes so hazardous that you almost feel to be in a trance while eating. It only paves way for further weight gain and having malnutrition. Mainly people end up overeating as their thoughts roam somewhere else. Hence, it is to suggest you not to eat when you are engrossed in some other activity.

Eating Amnesia

Eating disturbances may involve some bad practices which are very common and almost all of us keep doing. The patients who often come for obesity treatment or weight reduction surgery, have seen to face some bad dietary habits. Therefore, time to ponder over these silly matters which we tend to ignore while eating. Eat in a limit to keep your weight in the limit.

Your Weight, Your Metabolism – How is The Metabolic Rate Related to Weight Gain?

It is an interesting fact to know that you can be skinny yet you would be called as obese. Sounds funny? No, it is not basically. Gaining weight is not all about excess fat under your skin. It is a result of our metabolic rate. Weight gain becomes inevitable when a person leads a life with less physical activities and more ingress to calories. However, the result of those extra fats may look remotely an aesthetical problem or a minor issue; but the reality is far different than this belief. We know that obesity actually leads to many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and cardiac disease. That is why it has become a significant issue to stay away from weight gain.

Weight Loss

But, how metabolism is related to gaining fat? Metabolism is a process of digesting nutrients from the food and the modification of a few chemical reactions which would help our cells in sustaining. However, Obesity is a heterogeneity disease which means that it has many types depending on a person’s lifestyle and health. Since it is directly linked to our regular food intakes, hence metabolome should be a way to weigh the consumed fat. Metabolism speed is a very common term for the ones who follow a diet plan for their weight loss treatment.

A faster metabolism can lead to losing weight. It depends on how efficiently our body has been metabolizing the food and converting the calories into our weight. The best way to keep your metabolism rate in control is to eat less but often. Eating smaller quantity of foods but throughout the day, helps the body to be busy in metabolism however the metabolic rate will be remarkably low.

Obesity and Metabolism

Since we are talking about metabolism and obesity; it should be mentioned that a person can have a normal metabolism but be tagged as obese. However, it rather depends on the genes and their lifestyle than their diet. If you are intending to have a weight loss treatment or surgery, we would suggest you discuss your metabolome history with the obesity surgery doctor. Most bariatric surgery patients are seen to be suffering from deregulated metabolism. Such patients are also observed to accumulate fat cells inside their abdomen and inside the liver which are the apparently ‘wrong’ locations to store fat.

Hence, it is evident that more than only physical obesity, the inner workings of metabolism are more important to be considered for measuring our health.

How To Pick The Best Place To Consider A Weight Reduction Surgery In Kolkata

Life is always better when we get something extra. A little extra cheese of your regular popcorn can spice up the movie experience. A little extra discount of flight reservation uplifts the mood. But what about that little extra belly budge that rebels to stay intact underneath the jeans anymore! It definitely seems to cause all harm and no good. Obesity surgery doctors recommend every adult individual to consider the possibility of being overweight/obese in case they find their usual clothes tighter within a shorter time span such as a couple of years. Thankfully, obesity surgery can help overcome obesity, for once and for all.

Weight Reduction Surgery

As the number of people suffering from obesity is on the rise, there are many healthcare facilities and clinics that are offering this advanced surgical technique in all over India. The scenario in Kolkata is quite when it comes to offering obesity surgery. But amidst all the visually delightful advertisements, which one should you consider? Let us give you some guidance regarding the same.

Every surgical department has its own expertise. Thus, it is wise to undergo it under the skillful hands of an obesity surgery doctor itself. It is a given that the more experienced he/she will be, the chances of yield positive results will increase significantly. Remember, obesity surgery is a separate specialty, which every surgeon cannot master, at least not without several years of dedication and practice.

Also, thanks to the advancement, the approach of laparoscopy in the field of obesity surgery are much more efficient than traditional open surgery. It has numerous advantages over the open surgery, as this keyhole surgery requires a much lesser hospital stay, promotes faster recovery, has better aesthetics, and have much fewer complications. In a nutshell, it is the best choice for everyone who is all set to undergo weight reduction surgery, unless they are specifically advised against it due to any severe illness or morbid obesity.

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

While searching for the perfect facility to undergo, it is crucial that you prefer to expertise and quality over price and convenience. It is helpful to look for a bariatric unit that has some kind of specific accreditation and recognition attached to its name and its head surgeons. These accreditation bodies ensure these units are more than capable of delivering outstanding surgical results, so it ensures its quality for you beforehand. So, make a wise choice before tailoring your body for the future.

6 Tips To Kill Calories This Durga Puja

The festive season is on. Every individual of Bengal and every Bengali in every corner of the world awaits this time of the year impatiently. And it comes as no surprise, as it brings a bundle of joys for every enthusiast. It is kind of inevitable to keep extra calories at bay. But today, we bring several tips given by obesity surgery doctors that will help you cut of calories effectively.

So, here we begin the countdown:

1. Wake up and run – even if you are planning to roam around all day long, go for jogging or at least walk 20 mins, even if it’s in the neighborhood itself.


2. Don’t skip the exercise – as you are going to eat a lot, you should also exercise a lot. With adding extra calories throughout the day, there are even more reasons NOT to skip your daily exercise.


3. Drink plenty of water – it will keep you hydrated and rejuvenating your skin for sure, but it will also limit the temptation of munching on junk food. Don’t forget to carry your water bottle in your pandal hopping trips.

Drink Water

4. Walk, instead of riding – obviously not on the other side of the city, but do walk to the nearby pandals of the neighborhood. It will not only save your money on transportation, but will also help you enjoy more with your friends and family, and of course, will help you shed a few extra calories.


5. Share your treats – even though you have lots of balance in your pocket, try to share food with friends and family. It has numerous benefits. It will help you save more, and also ensures you add less to your belly line.

Share your treats

6. Make wise food choices – it is challenging not to fall in traps of lucrative, mouth-watering street food, to be honest. But before eating them in huge quantity, keep your dream dress in mind. Eating out is unavoidable, but that should not mean it cannot be healthy.

Make wise food choices

Follow as many of the above-mentioned tips as possible, to cut off calorie. But in case, you already fell into the trap of obesity, long ago, these are less likely to yield any difference for you. So, it is better to consider a weight reduction surgery instead.

This Durga Puja, cut calories and add fun, to keep enjoying this festive season, each and every year.

Brief Introduction To Obesity Surgery, A Fail Safe Weight Loss Technique

Having something extra is always a good thing, isn’t it? Well, almost everything, except for body weight. From the time of birth until adulthood, it is natural to gain body weight proportionate to the age, gender, growth, and activity. In fact, if an individual stick to adequate physical activities and diet, he or she is never likely to gain excess weight, unless they are suffering from some other underlying medical conditions. Gaining a pound or two after a lazy vacation and some feast season is quite common and it is quite easy to shed it with a strict diet and exercise for a month or two. But sadly, the same trick does not work in case of obesity. Only obesity surgery is the long-term solution for the same.


Obesity is the medical condition characterized by gaining excessive body weight as compared to the age, gender, and requirement of the body. It is measured by many parameters, but the BMI (Body Mass Index) is considered the most widely used parameter for the same. An individual with a BMI higher than 30 is considered obese and should consider a weight reduction surgery to restore their health and fitness. The conditions get worse with time and managing with conventional means become less and less fruitful. Moreover, the presence of extra body weight acts as a breeding ground for several illnesses such as sleep apnea, hypertension, cardiac ailments, osteoarthritis, diabetes type 2, infertility and many more. Weight reduction surgery is the surgical procedure to resolve it for once and for all.

So how does obesity surgery is performed? Well, it is an invasive procedure that involves making either temporary or permanent change in the digestive tract of the obese individual. There are various kinds of obesity surgery procedures that have similar, yet not entirely same technique to attain significant weight loss. There are two principles to achieve the weight loss, namely, the restrictive and malabsorption principles.

Obesity Surgery

The primary procedure requires making an alteration, either temporary and permanent, in which the size of the stomach that stores the food is almost reduced to 15 to 25 percent of its original volume. As a result, the amount of food consumption reduces significantly. Over a short period of time itself, the individual loses noticeable pounds.

The malabsorption principle procedures require making alterations in the small intestine of the obese individual. It often is a permanent procedure, in which a part of the intestine is cut and rerouted to minimize the amount of nutrients that are being absorbed back by the body. It starts to become effective within a short period itself but stays effective for a significantly longer period of time too.

Some of the procedures employ only the restrictive principle, while most of the procedures use a combination of both, to attain maximum weight loss. Thankfully, many excellent bariatric facilities offer effective weight loss procedures for the people dealing with obesity. Of course, it is done only after adequate consultation and evaluating all the aspects of the procedure. If the guidelines are followed closely, the effectiveness of the procedure stays intact for decades, often up to a lifetime.

How Joint Pain Is Associated With Obesity

Our body is a wonderful creation of nature. It grows in a right proportion until we reach adulthood. Every muscle, every joint, every organ and gland have its own crucial function. Unless an illness or accident occurs, the body functions flawlessly. Obesity is one of such health conditions that brings several complications along with it. Several people undergoing bariatric surgery also endured severe joint pain and inflammation prior to the surgery.


Let’s understand the correlation between weight gain and its effect on the joints.

As we human stands and walks straight, the lower limbs and digits encounter the most of our body weight. As already explained, a body keeps functioning well in a healthy status, the same holds true for the joint and bones as well. Things become complicated as we start to put on excess weight. The additional weight, excess of our normal body weight starts to put extra stress on our lower body. As a result, the joints of the lower body, namely the hips, knee, and ankle bears much more weight than they are ideally supposed to.

Needless to say, people start to encounter pain and inflammation in these 3 joints after putting on weight. In case we are dealing with a sudden weight gain over a short period of time, and we manage to lose it in a few months, it possesses no severe threat. After losing weight, the joint pain will go away on its own. But things become more threatening when the extra weight stay for a longer period of time.

Obese Back Pain

It has been found that if we stay overweight or obese for a year or more, the stress building up in the joint can have long-term consequences. The constant pressure over a long-term often leads to bone loss, muscle damage and posture defect. In some severe case, it can also lead to minor limping, fragile bones and distorted posture, which are all, quite challenging to treat completely.

Thereby, obesity surgery doctors always recommend to keep a healthy body weight and immediately seek consultation if convenient weight loss tricks are not working effectively. Moreover, it is also advised to the overweight and obese people to consider weight loss surgery in case they are encountering one or more obesity-associated illness. Bariatric surgery can resolve these associated complications along with attaining weight loss.

How Many Of These 8 Weight Loss Superfood Do You Consume?

Bariatric surgery in India is becoming more and more common these days. The data of people shifting from normal body weight to overweight or obese are even more surprising. As per statistics, one in every 5 Indian is either overweight or obese. Today, we bring some superfood that will keep the calorie intake in check.

1. Apples

Weight Loss Superfood

One apple each day is not only good for keeping doctors away but also keeps extra pounds at bay as well. Apart from being a perfect snack for munching, it also acts as a perfect substitute for cookies and muffins for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Spinach

Weight Loss Superfood

Spinach is not only a rich source of protein but also contains a component called ‘thylakoids’. This component acts as a hunger suppressor and helps feeling satiate for hours after a meal. It is an excellent substitute of junk food.

3. Olive oil

Weight Loss Superfood

Obviously, it cannot be consumed as a food altogether, but cooking in olive oil instead of normal mustard or refined oils more healthy. The component ‘oleic acid’ act as a catalyst to break down fat more effectively.

4. Avocados

Weight Loss Superfood

The previously mentioned ‘oleic acid’ is also found abundantly in avocados. It burns fat by enhancing the rate of metabolism of the body. They also offer the feeling of satiated after a meal.

5. Salmon

Weight Loss Superfood

Seafood altogether is a rich source of vitamins and proteins and are often recommended for people on weight loss goal. This particular fatty acid ‘omega 3’ helps provide the sensation of state after consuming a meal.

6. Green Tea

Weight Loss Superfood

It is the healthiest beverage after water. It is also a helping hand for those with a weight loss goal. It keeps the body hydrated and keep bling eating at bay. Moreover, it facilitates faster burning of fat by boosting metabolism.

7. Pulses

Weight Loss Superfood

Everyday lentils such as Moong, Urad, Masoor, Arhar dal etc. are the rich source of protein and fill up a large portion of our plate and hunger. Thereby, having them inadequate amount makes the person less likely to seek junk food out on munching.

8. Oatmeal

Weight Loss Superfood

This is probably one of the best items to have as a daily breakfast. It gives the sensation of fullness and also helps to maintain a normal, healthy body weight. It is both easy to make and healthy for the body. It is often prescribed to the patients after a Bariatric surgery.

So, include as many of them as possible in your everyday diet and shed pounds at home.